How to ace a Pre-recorded interview


Job interviews are always a bit stressful and complicated. Now, if you add the fact that you have to do some type of interview you've never heard before, well, it can get a bit scary. But don't worry, I have some tips and info about Pre-recorded Interviews

Wait…Pre-recorded what? Let me give you some background information. A couple weeks ago I was invited to a pre-recorded interview for a job position, maybe I was a bit late to the party, but before this opportunity I’ve never heard about those types of interviews before. So if I think job interviews are hard, this made it even harder. I’ve part of normal interviews and Skype interviews in the past, but never pre-recorded. So, if you have a pre-recorded interview coming soon, don’t worry, here’s some inside info that can help you. 

So, What’s a Pre-recorded interview? 

First things first. Today some companies, in order to be more time-efficient and to give more candidates the opportunity to present themselves beyond their CV,  use this type of interview that allows them to overcome time and distance limitations. So, basically the company will send you a recorded set of questions, and with the help of a software, the interviewees have the opportunity to respond within a specific given time, after seeing the question.  

Is it a one-time-recording? 

Yes and no, so basically the software or the link given will guide you thorough the steps. First you will have a couple of test questions, where you can practice and get your self confortable with the camera and mic. Those practice questions can be recorded as many times as you want, you can actually review them, and re-record in case you don’t like something. Once you are ready for the “real thing,” you can start the actual interview. For the real interview, you will get first the question, then some thinking/preparation time (about 3 min) and the official-one-time-recording-time for the answer. Depending on the question you will get the specific time, usually about one or two minutes. 

It’s not as complicated as is sounds, but you do however will only have one chance to actually record your answer so it’s important to be prepared. Also, the questions for the real interview are different than the practice ones, so make sure you don’t only memorize or practice the first questions given prior the interview.

How can I prepare for the interview? 


In addition to the normal online interview preparation tips > wear something appropriate, watch out for your background, read about the company, read about the position and personal skills, etc. > Don’t be intimidated by the camera and the time. Personally, I feel like having that little “time-left” reminder box in top of the screen, was really distracting, I was really focus on this and it was making me nervous. So my advice is to be concise with your answer and don’t put all your attention to the time left. Also, take advantage of the preparation time before recording your answer. I found this really helpful to structure my answer. 

 Any other advice? 

Check your internet before you start, since is a video recording you will need some super good, fast and reliable internet, so maybe your favorite coffee shop is not the best option for your interview. Look for some quiet, professional looking place at home or sometimes libraries have little private cubicles that you can also use.  Don't forget to use headphones, this will help to neutralize the audio and also your voice when speaking will be more clear. 

Be yourself! Seriously, the fact that you are being recorded can make you nervous, but the people that will see your video will notice, so don’t think about that! Don’t answer like a robot or too over expressive either, be natural, just answer like if you were doing a video for yourself or a friend (okay, plus a bit of more formality of course).

After your interview is done, you won’t be able to see or review the recording, the window will be closed and you will receive a confirmation email just to make sure everything was done correctly. 

So, that’s it! Don’t be nervous, be yourself, prepare and good luck! Don’t be intimidated by technology