4 things I learned when life did not go as I expected


Hey it’s Monday!! time to new beginnings. Let’s stay positive!

To be honest the last couple of days, have been a bit tough. You know those times where you feel that everything you try is just not going the way you planned? jobs, future plans, some health issues, expat/homesick life kicking in.

But anyways, I feel like I need some motivation about staying positive, I mean who doesn’t, right? We’ve all been there sometimes. That’s why every time I feel like life throws me some unexpected moves, I try to find the positive or the lesson from those experiences. This time I found 4, and I want to share them with you, maybe they can help you too. I have to say that I was not too sure about being “too personal” in such a public platform, but then on the other hand, this blog was part intended to be a bit of a creative/ personal outlet where I can share my day to day, lifestyle, inspirations, travels, etc. So here I go. 

4 things I learned when life did not go as I expected...

Embrace and love what you have - I think sometimes we are so tempted to compare our lives with others, or wish what others have at some point. But it’s important to think that we are all in different journeys. Our life paths are different, and instead of comparing with others, lets embrace what we have, love ourselves, try to get better at something, and always be grateful for our own opportunities and challenges.  

Love and take care of your body - There’s a small coffee/brunch place in the city where I live that has this big phrase everywhere “treat your body like a temple” I love, love this! So true!! Let’s not get stuck with work, school and all the stressful things that sometimes make us forget about our precious body. And I’m not only talking from the outside, but from the inside as well. Believe me, your body will be grateful, and you will totally feel better physically and emotionally, from preventing illness to felling better emotionally :) 

Sometimes there’s no answer, and you have to be okay with that - I was recently diagnosed with some medical condition ( nothing serious, but I will talk more about this in a different post.) When I was told about this, I was a bit crushed and wondering the reason, the doctor said there was no medical explanation or specific cause. To be honest, it took me a while to understand that sometimes you can’t change things, and that has to be okay too. So, whether is a medical condition, a job, a personal change, anything that doesn't go as planned, it’s better if we accept this situation with real “peace in our hearts” than if we try to fight it.      

Make peace with things you can't change - this last one is also related to the one before. My father always says “Do your 100% and the rest leave it to God.” You don’t necessarily have to believe in God or be religious, but what I’m trying to say is that there are so many things that are outside our reach to change, so why worry? or getting angry and frustrated? We cannot control 100% of things that happen to us. Do everything that is at your reach to change or improve, but then don’t worry, the rest will follow.    


I thought if I share those little “life lessons” we could start this week more motivated and with a positive attitude. Feeling blue? Try to learn from those moments, I promise its better to always try to find the positive on things. Make your list and count your blessings!  


much love,