Hola, mein name is Mariana.

I’m a Mexican/American living in Germany. I was born in beautiful and colorful Mexico, but at short age I moved to sunny California with my family. That's why I always say I'm a Mexican from California! Today, I live in Germany with the love of my life, while I'm learning the complexity of german language and discovering the european lifestyle. 

This site is a little space where I would like to share things I enjoy and learn in the everyday-life. I write about culture, lifestyle, travels and food. Also, I would like to use this platform to share about my work and projects. I have a background in Journalism and Media, and also I've worked in the design and visual communication fields. I enjoy writing, photography, design and anything in between. With this blog I aspire to help and share some everyday tricks, anecdotes and life experiences.

I hope this blog inspires you to explore new places and to create new adventures. Come with me and let's talk about this crazy, beautiful thing called life.

Don't forget to show me some love, leave me some comments!